This is how we support you

With over 10 years of experience accompanying hundreds of successfully completed practical projects, we support you in your project:

  • We give you impulses for your project work and for the overall development of your school.
  • Our materials help you find the right topic, get into action and get everyone on board.
  • Our proven project manuals and templates make it easier for you to work on your real-life project.
  • Each project gets its own project page and a cool project story print-out.
  • Each student can get a project certificate.
  • In addition, there are classroom materials, start / finish banner rentals for sponsored walks and more.
  • All free of charge – even donated hardware like PCs, laptops, servers etc.

We are here for you

We are very happy to accompany you throughout the project, advise, motivate and help, if you like. We ask questions, listen, give impulses, find solutions together and share experiences. We are looking forward to speaking to you!

Esther Hilmer

Manuela Klecha

Anna Broich

Templates and materials that help you

Teachers experience that they can trust their students and themselves. They gain experience in communicating competencies, promoting them sustainably among students and “getting their school on the way”.

Renovate the classroom together

For many students, it's not clear: Can I, may I, should I? Creating the learning environment yourself is a chance to gain experience, to participate and ultimately to learn democracy. Renovating the classroom helps preventing and fighting i.a. vandalism at school. More...

Pretty up all rooms

Be it cafeteria, auditorium or other common areas - coordinating how rooms should look like and actually make it happen, strengthens cohesion. Students enjoy being at places they created themselves. All of a sudden, studying and just being in those rooms is fun. They start appreciating what they have created themselves. More...

Founding a climate initiative

Many students find it important to be committed to the environment - but often do not know how. With these project templates and materials, they learn to develop their own responsibility and to work for a cause. More...

Founding a food culture initiative

Eating characterizes food culture, appreciation for food and nutritional behavior. A school lunch where everyone enjoys their meal is a challenge. The template for a student survey helps. More...

Donation for appreciation

Students learn to express their wishes and that they have to do something in order to receive something. For example, giving away flowers in the pedestrian zone, tell people for what money is needed and ask for a donation at the same time. More...

"Neue Masche" filling empty class cash register

Something different, as a cake sale. Students learn how to organize a project, orders, distribution and billing, gain business insights, have fun and fill the class coffers. More...

Sponsored walk for more financial room

Everyone can pull together and contribute to the success: to fulfill wishes that would otherwise not be possible. Such a sponsored walk connects and is an emotional experience for the whole school community. More...

Integration within the class room

A great job for the whole class community (or a workgroup): to grow together, facilitate cultural transfer and skills acquisition, strengthen co-existence and integrate escaped classmates. More...

Integration within the school

Use actions to strengthen the integrative power of the whole school community. Bring refugees and migrants out of their isolation, including parents. Not only do students have many ideas, they are also good at integration. More...

Run for integration

A charity run under the motto Integration creates community, connects and opens up financial scope that would otherwise not be possible. Many students are able to take over responsibilty. You just have to let them try. More...

Professional transition: "You are a talent!"

Students get people from companies acting as "godfathers" at their school with a 3-year commitment. Whoa! Those help students in self-assessment, recognizing perspectives and motivating them to use their talents. More...

Free of charge: PCs, monitors, printers for projects

Many schools lack hardware. To promote digital skills anyway, companies donate hardware. This allows students to participate in IT development and practical experience. More...

Project testimony

The project testimony helps students to self-assess, documents competencies apart from subject-specific lessons and provides orientation. Small impulses, big impact. A must have for every practical project. More...

Stärke mit uns die Jugend!

Wenn Kinder und Jugendliche fürs Leben lernen sollen, müssen wir das Leben in die Schule holen. Wir helfen Lehrkräften mit Praxisprojekten Teilhabe durch Erfahrungslernen zu fördern.

Schon ein kleiner regelmäßiger Beitrag hat große Wirkung. Deine Förderung trägt dazu bei, dass wir weiterhin helfen können – werbefrei und kostenlos.